We Drive Traffic, Leads & Sales

SEO Consultancy

We help you define your SEO objectives & develop a realistic strategy with you. You may have in-house marketing teams who require support & guidance, or you may need us to be your full SEO team. We work in both ways & advise on the best approach.

Keyword & Market Research

Solid keyword & market research help guide SEO strategy and allow us to provide realistic projections and forecasts of opportunity within your market. We don’t make wild estimations or promises we can’t keep.

Technical SEO Audit

We are well known within the industry for our technical capabilities due to our industry leading SEO Spider crawling software. We provide audits which analyse your website to ensure the search engines are able to effectively discover, crawl & index your web pages for maximum visibility.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads are pay per click online ads. This means that unless someone clicks your ad and goes through to your site, you don’t have to pay a penny regardless of how many people actually saw the ad. This makes them ideal for attracting highly qualified, relevant visitors to your website: people who have expressed a clear interest in your business offering through their search query and have a higher likelihood to convert and make a purchase.

There are different types of Google Ads. Search Ads are the text ads you see in the top and bottom spots of Google’s Search Results Page. Search Ads tend to be the strongest performing type of Google Ads for most companies.

People use Google to search for a product or service they desire. Since we carefully calibrate your keywords to match the searcher’s query, we can serve a highly relevant ad offering them exactly what they are looking for.

Your ads are shown to potential customers at the precise moment they actively want your business’s specific product/service, so there is a higher chance for that person to click on the ad and proceed through to your website.In this manner, Google Search Ads delivers high quality, interested traffic to your website.

This is far more effective than traditional advertising “spray and pray” approach, which involves blasting a lot of people with ads and hoping some of them happen to be interested.Shopping Ads are the images of products you see at the side of the Google Search Results Page and are fantastic for eCommerce companies.

Display Ads appear across the Google Display Network and can be text, images, rich media or videos. Display campaigns don’t tend to perform as well as the other types due to the target audience being colder (less likely to be actively seeking a product or service like yours.) However, Display re marketing campaigns are designed to only target previous visitors, and can be highly effective at drawing them back to your site and increasing conversions. There are also other more specialized types of Google Ads, like Call-Only Ads, App Install Ads, and so on.

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