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It's time to see real results from your Google Ads agency


Accelerate your lead generation with paid promotion

Successful digital marketing today requires the use of paid media. Building awareness and interest using only organic growth doesn’t work anymore. Instead you need to use paid media campaigns in combination with owned and earned media activities.

There are a great number of paid media activities you can choose from. Of course, what you end up using depends on your industry and your target audience — but the best result is often a combination of paid search and paid social. Google, Facebook and other paid options have to be part of your marketing strategy.


At Global Publishing, we help our customers in industries ranging from Manufacturing to Law Firms to use paid media in a smart and efficient way. We always start with a strategic perspective, and make sure we use different media in ways that ensure synergies and cost-effectiveness. And we always set clear and understandable metrics that we follow up together with our customers.

We are used to working with paid media across the country, and know which options works well where. Both on a local and national level we can help you with Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Main areas of Paid Media

Plan with a strategy

Without a clear idea of what you want to accomplish with your ad spend it’s hard to be successful. At Global we always begin with looking at your objectives, your target audience and your budget. That way we make sure you get the most for your investment.

Split testing

Successful paid media campaigns require a lot of testing and tweaking. To get the most out of every campaign optimization is a must. We always plan accordingly. 

Top Ads require great content

To succeed with paid media requires more than paying for ads. It’s important to invest in really good content and ensure the concept is creative. At Global we do everything from nuts to bolts

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